Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh the Thinks You Can Think....

Everyone knows you can get to market faster and with less cost using 3D printing, but something bigger is happening. As a result of a lot of recent media attention and advances in the accessibility of 3D content creation, the concept of 3D printing is spreading outside of its traditional domains. As it does, more and more people are using 3D printing to solve new and unique problems. And, as more and more unique uses emerge, more and more people will think about what they can do, and, to borrow a phrase from the recently departed Dr. Seuss, “Oh the thinks they will think…”

Charles-Olivier Roy is one of this most recent wave of 3D printing devotees. As you can read here, (, or in English (, Mr. Roy is combining high tech 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies with the ancient art of pouring metal into molds to re-create a beautiful statue of the Chevalier de Levis in Quebec.
Charles-Olivier Roy,
Photo : Élan Création Graphique Photo: Elan Graphic Design
The project centers on reproducing a bronze casting of the Chevalier originally made in 1895. The new casting will be placed in a park with an amazing view of the St. Lawrence River and Quebec City. The casting was made by scanning the existing statue, and then 3D printing the parts to make the new pattern on a ZPrinter. In addition, Mr. Roy is making 10 miniatures of the statue using the very high resolution ZBuilder technology. The scale and artistry of both the large size pieces and the small size pieces are quite impressive.

The story is part sales, part engineering, part art - and all 3D. It’s a great example of new ways of thinking about 3D printing, and how 3D printing will touch people in new ways.

What are the coolest “thinks you can think” using 3D printing?

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