Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Top Ten 3D Printing Predictions

Happy New Year everyone! It is the time when many of us are trying furiously to start that New Year’s resolution, some news outlets are capping off the old year with their top 10 lists, and still others are making their predictions for events and happenings for the new year. Here are mine:


- I resolve to write more interesting and engaging blogs in 2011

Top Ten (in no particular order)

- Introduction of Z Corp. MCAD and AEC blogs
- Z Builder Ultra product launch

- Slow climb back from global economic crisis

- LeBron James “The Decision” on live TV (did anyone really care?)

- Flying car goes into production (Terrafugia)

- ZScanner 700 CX wins 2010 Golden Mousetrap Best Product Award

- iPad

- 3D Bioprinter

- ZPrinted model helps visually impaired couple “visualize” their new home on TV’s Extreme Home Makeover

- ZPrinting helps JPAC identify POW/MIA remains

- 3D printing growth rate will return to 2007/08 levels as the industry emerges from the depths of the global economic crises. One of the primary drivers for all 3D printing is to increase speed, improve communication, and reduce cost in the product development cycle. For many industries, the need to cut expenses came at the cost of fewer new product development activities. As economic conditions improve this trend will begin to reverse. Smart companies will look to increase output from development activities while at the same time reducing cost. 3D printing is poised to be a significant part of that equation.

- 3D printing will be used in at least one completely unique application that nobody is currently thinking about. In 2005 Pixar used the Spectrum Z™ 510 to create a zoetrope of Toy Story characters. In 2010 Moody Nolan Architects created a model for TV’s Extreme Home Makeover to help a visually impaired couple “visualize” their new home. If you think long and hard enough you can imagine 3D printing being used for these purposes but for most, until you see them in practice, you wouldn’t know it was coming. In 2011 there will be a number of new and unique applications for 3D printing but one will stand out above all others.

I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011.

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