Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can designers really have it all?

Guest Blog by John Kawola, CEO, Z Corporation

Design professionals are challenged by three imperatives: speed, quality and affordability. Designers, engineers and architects must create the highest-quality products or buildings fast, while controlling costs at every turn. And while these imperatives have traditionally involved tradeoffs – e.g., “quality can be unaffordable” and “speed jeopardizes quality” – our vision is to enable designers to have it all.

Today, we deliver. I am pleased to announce the ZBuilder Ultra functional prototyping system, which together with our inkjet 3D printers (ZPrinters) and portable 3D laser scanners (ZScanners), enable you to streamline the entire product development process from concept through testing and design verification – an industry first.

For concept modeling through prototyping when you need speed, low cost, and visual appeal, our ZPrinters are the fastest, most affordable and only multicolor 3D printers on the market. And when the material properties of a part are important for final design verification, the new ZBuilder Ultra delivers accurate, durable, ultra-smooth plastic prototypes that rival injection molded parts.

Combine both with the most portable 3D scanners available for reverse engineering, and you really can have it all. From Z Corporation.

I invite you to explore the new ZBuilder Ultra, and since we’re not done innovating, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter @ZCorporation, Facebook, YouTube, and here on our MCAD 3D Printing and Prototyping ZBlog.

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  1. The ZBuilder Ultra builds durable plastic parts that rival the accuracy, material properties, detail and surface finish of of injection molding. It enables engineers to verify design for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production. Thus, eliminating costly modifications to production tooling and shortening time to market.